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FAQs on English Language

Questions – Paper 3 (Listening and Integrated Skills):


  1. How much time will the candidates be given after the listening recording to complete the written tasks?

    The time allowed for the whole paper is approximately 2 hours. Candidates will be allowed one hour and fifteen minutes to complete Part B after the end of the listening input.



  2. Do candidates need to strictly adhere to the word limit?

    The word guide is designed in order to provide information to candidates regarding the requirements of the task, how best to organise their writing as well as giving them guidance as to how much time they should spend on each task. Candidates who write significantly less than the suggested number of words will inevitably fall short of fulfilling the task requirements and are unlikely to display a range of language at their disposal. Candidates who write significantly more than the suggested number of words may not have time to complete the tasks satisfactorily or spend time in planning their writing or in proofreading what they have written.