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Category C: Other Language Subjects
Category C subjects in the 2024 HKDSE and Before
Six language subjects are offered to candidates in the HKDSE. They are:
  • French Language
  • German Language
  • Hindi Language
  • Japanese Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Urdu Language

Question papers of the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level from Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) are used for the examinations of these six subjects. Marking and grading are conducted by Cambridge International. Results are reported in five grades (a-e) on the HKDSE certificate, with grade 'e' being the lowest and grade 'a' being the highest. Achievement below grade 'e' is designated as 'Ungraded' and is not reported on the certificate.

Syllabuses for HKEAA Centre

2020-2022 2023

Instructions to Candidates

2022 Examination Year - November 2021 Series




Category C subjects in the 2025 HKDSE and Beyond
Starting from the 2025 HKDSE, five Other Language subjects will be offered to candidates under Category C in the HKDSE. They are:
  • French Language
  • German Language
  • Japanese Language
  • Korean Language
  • Spanish Language

Candidates have to take the stipulated language examinations administered in Hong Kong by the official cultural organisations which are the official providers of the language examinations concerned. Candidates should enroll themselves with the examination administrators of the stipulated language examinations according to the schedule of the respective language examinations.

Candidates’ results obtained in these examinations at the stipulated minimum proficiency level or above will be included in the HKDSE Category C results. The HKDSE accepts results obtained in the language examinations taken within two years preceding the HKDSE the candidate sits. If a candidate takes the language examinations more than once at the same or different levels, only the highest level and result attained will be reported under the HKDSE Category C subjects. A deadline will be stipulated for the acceptance of the results obtained from these examinations. Candidates will be informed of the deadline at the time of registration in the HKDSE.

Click here for details of the stipulated language examinations, the examination providers and administrators, the language proficiency levels accepted in the HKDSE, etc.

School Briefing Sessions

In order to familiarise schools with the new arrangements of the Category C subjects starting from the 2025 HKDSE, a series of online briefing sessions were held in late July 2022:

Presentation materials:

Introduction Korean Spanish
Japanese German French