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HKDSE Statistical Report
To assist schools in enhancing teaching and learning, we publish the HKDSE School Statistical Reports (Note) at the end of the examination year. The reports are customised for individual schools and include the following:

  • an overall results summary;
  • a comparison of the school’s statistics on general performance against all day schools;
  • the general performance of the school in the best five subjects;
  • the statistics for eligibility to sub-degree programmes / civil service appointments;
  • the statistics related to university admission;
  • the item analysis, and
  • the multiple-choice question analysis.

Sample Reports:

  • School Report
  • Class Report
  • Teaching Group Report

  • The analysis provides feedback to schools on the strengths and weaknesses of their students. Schools interested in ordering the HKDSE School Statistical Reports can contact us at Tel.: (852) 3628 8950.

    Notes: Formerly named as HKDSE Examination Statistical Reports in the 2012 to 2015 HKDSE.