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Permission for the Reproduction of Backdated Question Papers
The public examination papers in respect of which the Authority holds copyright are as follows:

Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (1978 - 2011)
Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (1980 - 2013)
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (from 2012 onwards)

Applications for permission to reproduce examination questions should be addressed to:

  Publications Unit
Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
G/F., 17 Tseuk Luk Street,
San Po Kong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong


Information to be provided:

1. Particulars of the required examination question(s):
  1. Name of Examination
  2. Year of Examination
  3. Paper number
  4. Question number
2. Mode of reproduction of the required examination question(s).
3. Usage of the required examination question(s).


Question Papers
Written permission to reproduce examination questions may be given at the discretion of the Secretary General of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority on payment of a specified fee and subject to the following general conditions as well as any particular conditions which the Secretary General may stipulate:


  1. The questions are to be used in text for teaching and not in revision notes or any publication resembling an "examination crammer".
  2. The questions must appear unaccompanied by model answers or solution outlines. The printing of model answers or solution outlines in separate booklets such as answer keys or teacher guides is also unacceptable.
  3. The use of HKEAA material must be acknowledged at every point in the text where it occurs (e.g. "HKCEE 1994") and there must be a general acknowledgement at the beginning of the text, for example:

    "All questions from the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination papers are reproduced by permission of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority."
  4. Reproduction of an entire paper is not permitted.
  5. Questions should normally be arranged according to topics at appropriate places throughout the text.
  6. Written permission must be sought for the use of questions before the reproduction of the examination papers. If the Authority discovers that reproduction of the questions has been completed or is in progress when written permission is sought, permission will not be given and the publisher concerned will be denied future permission.
  7. As soon as a book containing Authority materials is published, a complimentary copy must be sent to the Authority so that a check can be made to ensure that all conditions have been complied with.
  8. If electronic version is available, individual login password is strictly required for viewing.
  9. Individual login password will only be provided to the purchaser which must not be transferable.
  10. A reminder on prohibiting any unauthorised use of the electronic version should be clearly stated.


Marking Schemes
Permission will not be given to reproduce extracts from the Authority's marking schemes.
Syllabuses, Sample Papers and Examination Reports
Written permission may be granted to reproduce extracts from the Authority's syllabuses, sample papers and examination reports. The same conditions listed concerning examination questions will apply in such cases. Any request to use such extracts must be accompanied by the actual text of the relevant part of the book.
Further Enquiry
Enquiries regarding reproduction of the Authority's publications should be directed to