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2020 An Unusual HKDSE

2020 An Unusual HKDSE (transcript)

Myths about the HKDSE

What happens to the answer scripts after the exam? (transcript)

Is it easier to get good grades in some subjects than in others? (transcript)

Twins having the same fate and the same grade?(transcript)

Mum asking why?(transcript)

Micro film: DSE Up Up Up

Wise Up (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Speak Up (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Time's Up (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Beyond the Exam Centre: Scripts Processing

Beyond the Exam Centre: Scripts Processing (transcript)

A New Chapter for Hong Kong Public Examinations

HKDSE - A New Chapter for Hong Kong Public Examinations (transcript)

Learn more about public examinations

Speaking Examinations of language subjects (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Handling of Personal Belongings (Chinese version only) (transcript)

School-based Assessment (Chinese version only) (transcript)

International Recognition (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Standards-referenced Reporting (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Onscreen Marking (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Barcode label (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Listening test (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Mobile phone (Chinese version only) (transcript)

Calculator (Chinese version only) (transcript)




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