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Licence for Schools to Use or Copy Past HKCEE/HKALE Question Papers and HKDSE Examination Question Papers, Sample Papers and Practice Papers

Schools should not, without the HKEAA’s prior written approval, use or copy (including reproducing or storing in any medium by electronic means) HKEAA’s past question papers and/or examination related materials of HKDSE for teaching purposes. Although schools have special rights (subject to certain conditions) to copy copyright materials in the course of instruction without having to seek consent of copyright owners, such rights do not apply to copying HKEAA’s past HKCEE/HKALE question papers and HKDSE question papers, sample papers and practice papers. 

Secondary schools which are registered under the Education Ordinance (Cap. 279) and approved by HKEAA for participation in HKDSE can apply for a licence from HKEAA.
Starting from 2023/24, HKEAA offers two types of licence with two tiers of allowable usage at different licence fees below:

Licence 1: Maximum usage of 50% of HKEAA’s works at a fee of HK$3,300

Licence 2: Maximum usage of 75% of HKEAA’s works at a fee of HK$4,875

If your school wishes to use or copy HKEAA’s works beyond the scope of this Licence, you are reminded to submit a written request to HKEAA in accordance with clause “E1” of the Licence Terms and Conditions for a separate permission. For details, please refer to the Licence Terms and Conditions for HKCEE / HKALE Questions Papers and HKDSE Question Papers, Sample Papers and Practice Papers below. 

The licence period shall start from the date of issuance of the Licence Certificate to 31 August 2024. The application form for the 2023/24 school year can be downloaded from this webpage. If schools have any questions on the licence scheme, please contact Ms Lee or Ms Lai at 3628 8263 or email to