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Questions - Reporting of Results:


  1. Will SBA results be reported separately in the Diploma?

    No, there is no separate reporting of SBA results in the Diploma. As the areas assessed in the public examinations and SBA are both key learning objectives of the curriculum, candidates' performance will be reported on a subject basis in the Diploma. This practice is adopted for all HKDSE subjects, including the two language subjects, which have profile reporting of various language skills but not separate reporting of SBA results.



  2. What results will be indicated in the Diploma for students who have completed the SBA but are absent from all public examination papers of a subject in the HKDSE Examination?

    Students who do not sit any of the public examination papers will be regarded as absent from the subject concerned, whether or not their SBA marks have been submitted to the HKEAA before the examination. In such cases, the word "ABSENT" will be printed against the subject on the result notice and the subject will not be listed on the Diploma.