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Questions - Assessment Standards:
  1. Is it fair to moderate SBA marks submitted by schools using public examination results?

    The areas assessed in the public examination and SBA are the key learning objectives of the curriculum. As such, it is fair to refer to students' results in the public examination (or results of the parts in the public examination which are closely related to the SBA of that subject) to moderate their SBA marks to eliminate any inconsistency in marking standards across schools. For subjects that involve outcomes that are very different from those assessed through the public examination, moderation by expert judgment involving sample inspection of students' assessed work will be adopted.



  2. Why is standardisation among teachers within a school necessary if the HKEAA is going to moderate the SBA marks anyway?

    The moderation by the HKEAA is conducted on a school basis, i.e. taking each individual school as a moderation unit. Hence it is necessary to standardise the marking among teachers within the school so as to produce a fair overall rank order of students for the school as a whole.



  3. Why is the moderation conducted on a school basis but not on a teacher basis?

    Students following the same curriculum in a school should be judged against the same standards in the assessment process, irrespective of which class they are attending or which teachers are teaching them. This internal comparability is vital to the learning and teaching process and can be achieved through professional collaboration and sharing among teachers within a school. In addition, treating schools as a single group can increase the size of the moderation group, which enhances the reliability of the results of the moderation.