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Secondary School Admission Test
The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is offered by The Enrollment Management Association of the United States. The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) is one of the examination centers appointed to hold Middle and Upper Level of the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) in Hong Kong.

The SSAT is a standardised admission test, which is designed for middle and high school students (i.e. grade 5 to grade 12) who are seeking entrance to independent schools in the United States and Canada. The SSAT measures the basic verbal, quantitative, and reading skills students develop over time, which provides independent school admission professionals with meaningful information about the possible academic success of potential students at their institutions.


Test Level and Format

The SSAT is a multiple-choice test that consists of verbal, quantitative (math), and reading comprehension sections, plus an unscored writing sample. The Middle Level SSAT is for students currently in grades 5-7; the Upper Level SSAT is for students currently in grades 8 and above. The Middle and Upper Level SSATs share the same format and timing.

Section Number of Questions  Time Allotted To Administer Each Section
 Writing Sample  1  25 minutes
 Break  10 minutes
 Section 1 (Quantitative)  25  30 minutes
 Section 2 (Reading)  40  40 minutes
 Break  10 minutes
 Section 3 (Verbal)  60  30 minutes
 Section 4 (Quantitative)  25  30 minutes
 Section 5 (Experimental)  16  15 minutes
 Total  167  3 hours, 10 minutes
 Of the 167 items including the writing sample, only 150 questions are scored.


Test Dates and Registration Deadlines
Test dates and deadlines are listed on the SSAT website at



Middle and Upper SSAT Paper-based tests are held on 4 Saturdays during the 2023-2024 testing year.  According to the current arrangement, the SSAT are offered in November, December, January, and April in Hong Kong. Registration for taking these tests in Hong Kong must be done on the website of SSAT by clicking here.  



Notes to Candidates

You are strongly advised to log in to your SSAT account to confirm your registration details the day before your test.  This is to avoid you going to the wrong centre on the test day.

Candidates should note the following points on the test day:


Arrive at the Test Venue
(before 8:30am)
Candidates should check their seat number by their name and registration ID according to the rosters posted outside the Test Center.
Enter the Test Center Candidates should present the SSAT admission ticket and valid identification documents (HKID card/ Passport) for admitting into the test room/ hall.

Candidates MUST place all personal belongings including restricted items (e.g. HKID card, Passport, erasers, pencils, watches and turned off cell phones) in the Restricted Items Area and place snacks/ drinks in the Snacks Area. Candidates will be taking the test using pencils provided by the exam body.

Candidates should find their own seat according to the seat number label on the desk, sit quietly and place the admission ticket on the desk.
During the Test Candidates are not allowed to talk, visit toilet or leave the seat after entering the Test Center. (Candidates are suggested to go to toilets before entering the Test Center.)

Candidates CANNOT access the Restricted Items Area for any reason during testing.

Candidates should listen carefully to Lead Proctor's announcement and check their personal information on Answer booklet according to the instructions.

Candidates can go to toilets during breaks in good order; and eating or drinking in the Snacks Area. (No eating or drinking at the seat)



Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit the SSAT Help Center



General Typhoon / Bad Weather Arrangements
As cancellation and/or postponement of an examination is a very serious matter, any decision to do so by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) will be made only when it is absolutely necessary. If weather conditions are at all doubtful (such as the possible hoisting of a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or the issue of the Rainstorm Red or Black Warning), candidates should pay attention to the radio or television broadcast, or view the HKEAA website for examination schedules right up to the time they leave for the examination centre. Candidates should note that:

(a) under normal circumstances, the HKEAA announcement of the postponement/cancellation of an examination will be made approximately two hours before the commencement of the examination;

(b) the announcement of closure of schools due to a tropical cyclone/the issue of the Rainstorm Red or Black Warning does not necessarily imply any postponement/cancellation of an examination scheduled to be held on that day;

(c) unless an announcement has been made by the HKEAA that examinations/public examinations/ international and professional examinations held by the HKEAA are postponed/cancelled due to bad weather conditions, candidates must assume that their examinations will be conducted as originally scheduled;

(d) once an examination has started, it will continue for the full allotted time unless physical conditions in the examination centre are considered to be dangerous by the Centre Supervisor.



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