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The 45th Anniversary of the HKEAA
Milestones of Assessment Technology Development

In view of the rapid development in technology, the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) is committed to utilising technology to enhance efficiency and quality of examination operations. Various systems including Onscreen Marking (OSM) and the Public Examinations Support System (PESS) are introduced to public examinations. In addition, the HKEAA also offers various online services for the education community to promote ‘Assessment for Learning’, and collaborates with a number of international and professional examination organisations to offer computer-based tests.

Onscreen Marking (OSM)

OSM was adopted to improve the security, quality, reliability and efficiency of marking. It is used for all Category A Senior Secondary subjects of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE), the Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA) and the Territory-wide System Assessment (TSA).

With the introduction of OSM, all answer scripts are scanned after they are collected from examination centres, and the images are saved and retained in a secure database for recordkeeping. The images of the answer scripts are then distributed to markers via a secure intranet system for marking.

Various assessment centres, including on-campus assessment centres, are located in different districts easily accessible to markers. These centres are also used for the delivery of computer-based tests and for the administration and marking of other tests.

2007 OSM adopted for HKCEE Chinese Language and English Language scripts; and three assessment centres were established
2008 OSM extended to HKCEE, HKALE, TSA and LPAT [LPAT has been renamed as ‘Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA)’ since September 2023]
2013 OSM adopted for 24 Category A subjects in the HKDSE
2014 In-house scanning centre commenced operations for better quality assurance in scripts processing
Public Examinations Support System (PESS)

To enhance reliability and efficiency of the examination administration process, the ‘Public Examinations Communication & Support System’ (PECSS) , ‘Attendance & Script Tracking System’ (ASTS) and ‘Oral Recording System (ORS)’ are implemented in public examinations by the HKEAA.

PECSS enables the recording of examination process and real-time communication between examination centres and the HKEAA Command Centre. It facilitates support for examination centres during emergency situations.

ASTS supports invigilators in taking attendance. The invigilators also record and cross-check the collection of answer scripts by using the ASTS.

The ORS records the process of speaking examinations to facilitate the handling of examination irregularities and remarking applications at a later stage.

  • Launch of the PECSS, the ORS, and the ASTS
  • Full implementation of the PESS in the HKALE and HKDSE
  • Pilot test of the second generation of PESS
Online Services for HKDSE Candidates


In view of technological development, the HKEAA has broadened its online services for the HKDSE, supporting administrative procedures such as registration, submission of School-based Assessment marks, application for special examination arrangements, and provision of examination information.

  • Launch of HKDSE mobile app
  • In addition to hard copy results notice, HKDSE results were released to candidates via Short Message Service (SMS) on a trial basis
Computer-based Tests (CBT)

The HKEAA administers over 200 international and professional examinations, of which over 50 are computer-based tests (CBT).

Currently, CBT are held at various HKEAA assessment centres equipped with around 1,000 workstations.

  • Held the first CBT
  • Established Computer-based Test Centre at the San Po Kong office
  • Expanded the capacity of the San Po Kong office and made use of the workstations at the Tsuen Wan and Lai King Assessment Centres to accommodate more candidates for CBT
  • Set up CBT cum paper-based test examination facilities, and upgraded CBT system for international and professional examinations
Assessment Literacy

Over the years, the HKEAA has worked closely with the education community to promote assessment literacy and offered various online services in support of teaching and learning.

  • Launch of the Assessment Quality-assurance Platform (AQP), an automated web-based system helping schools to improve examination question setting and assessment design
  • Developed the HKDSE Diagnostic Feedback System and provided feedback to teachers and students in a pilot scheme

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