Myths of Examinations

The micro films explain how the marking, grading, moderation of School-based Assessment (SBA) scores were handled through the dialogues among Principal Tam (starring Ms Helen Tam) and HKDSE candidates after receiving their examination results.

Where have all the answer scripts gone?  

Ting was not happy with her results in the Liberal Studies and blamed that it was all because the marker held different views from hers. Principal Tam explained how marking was done in public examinations. (Transcript)

Secrets of getting good grades  

Shing-ngai was quite disappointed for not getting a good grade in his favourite subject Design and Applied Technology, and he thought getting high marks in subjects with fewer candidates was far more difficult. Principal Tam used video games as example to illustrate grade comparability across HKDSE subjects. (Transcript)

Identical fates and grades for twins?  

Elsa and Anna obtained the same results but with different component grades in English Language. It led to another argument between the ‘twins’. With a simple experiment, Principal Tam solved their disputes by clarifying the grading mechanism of subject and component grades. (Transcript)

Mum’s question time  

Ace was not too keen to tell his mum about his poor results in Biology. He suspected that his grade was affected by the moderation of SBA scores. With the help of the example in making chocolate cakes, Principal Tam helped Ace understand how moderation of SBA scores could ensure fairness in assessment. (Transcript)
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