Examination Operation

Before examination

In the past, private candidates had to register for public examinations in person and long queues were often seen outside the HKEAA office; nowadays registration and access to examination results can be done via the HKDSE Online Services.

Inside the Examination Centres

The introduction of barcode labels on the admission forms and the Attendance and Script Tracking System (ASTS) enable the invigilators to take attendance and record the collection of scripts with the barcode scanners, unlike the past practice when everything was done manually.

One-stop Support

The Public Examinations Communication and Support System (PECSS) keeps the Command Centre of the HKEAA connected to examination centres to provide instant support or advice to centre supervisors when necessary.

Established in 2007, the Public Examinations Information Centre (PEIC) has been serving as point of contact to handle enquiries from candidates and members of the public. During the examination period, the PEIC can also provide timely advice and support to candidates.

Accommodation for candidates with special educational needs

Special arrangements for candidates with special educational needs (SEN) have been in place since 1978 when the Authority first administered the HKCEE. Braille version examination papers and extended examination time were parts of the arrangements to facilitate these candidates. Information technology such as speech-to-text software is the latest technical support to accommodate the increasing demand and variety of needs of SEN candidates. These measures allow the candidates to be assessed justly and fairly under optimal conditions.
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