Post-examination Work

Before the digital era, all answer scripts were collected after the written examinations to our San Po Kong office and were then handed out to the markers. On one occasion, even the outdoor parking space was used to sort out the answer scripts when all the rooms were occupied. It was not uncommon to see markers who came with suitcases to collect the scripts. Checkers were also hired to double-check the scores for accuracy. These checkers had to experience some kind of ´house arrest´ in the HKEAA office while carrying out their duties for security reason.

With the introduction of Onscreen marking (OSM) in 2007, gone were the days when bundles of answer scripts were loaded in suitcases. Markings are now done at assessment centres across Hong Kong after the scripts were scanned and the images were saved in a secure database for recordkeeping. With OSM, each marker is required to mark only one part of the answer script. In certain subjects double marking is adopted to ensure and enhance the quality and efficiency of marking.
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