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Entrance requirements for undergraduate programmes
The optimising proposals for the Senior Secondary core subjects have been implemented and are applicable to the HKDSE starting from 2024. The Heads of Universities Committee (HUCOM) has decided that students taking the HKDSE have to attain a minimum of level 3 for Chinese Language and English Language, level 2 for Mathematics Compulsory Part and ‘Attained (A)’ for Citizenship and Social Development ('332A'), i.e. ‘332’ and ‘Attained (A)’, in order to meet the minimum requirements necessary to apply for undergraduate programmes offered by the University Grants Committee (UGC)-funded institutions.

Apart from the four core subjects, institutions will set the requirements for one or two elective subjects, and other admission requirements. For the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) and self-financing institutions, general admission requirements regarding the core subjects are the same as the UGC-funded sector. For elective subjects, the general requirement is level 2 in one subject.

Details of the admission requirements could be found at the JUPAS website and the tertiary institutions websites:

Entrance requirements for Sub-Degree Programmes
The minimum entrance requirement for sub-degree programmes (including associate degree programmes and higher diploma programmes), is level 2 in five subjects (including Chinese Language and English Language) in the HKDSE or equivalent. If one of the five HKDSE subjects is Citizenship and Social Development subject, the minimum entrance requirement would be 'Attained' for the subject. The Vocational Training Council also adopts the same minimum entrance requirements for their higher diploma programmes.

For information about admission requirements of individual programmes, please refer to the relevant institution websites.

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