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School-based Assessment (SBA)
SBA refers to assessments administered in schools and marked by students’ own teachers. SBA marks awarded counted towards students’ public assessment results. SBA had been introduced to the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) in different subjects since 1978.

Development of SBA for HKALE

Year Implemented
A Chemistry 1978
A Government & Public Affairs 1988
AS Chemistry 1994
AS Chinese Language & Culture 1994
AS Liberal Studies 1994
A Biology 1995
AS Electronics 1999
AS Computer Applications 2000
A/AS Physics 2004
A/AS Art 2004
A Chinese Literature 2005
A Computer Studies 2007


Below is a summary of subject with SBA since 2007 HKALE

Mode of Assessment
A/AS Chemistry Practical skills 20%
A Government & Public Affairs Project 22½%
AS Chinese Language & Culture Reading programme 10%
AS Liberal Studies Project 20%
A Biology Practical skills 20%
AS Electronics Project 20%
AS Computer Applications Core skills assessment / Project 30%
A/AS Physics Practical skills 15%
A Visual Arts Portfolio 25%
AS Visual Arts Portfolio 35%
A Chinese Literature Creative writing / Reading Report 25%
A Computer Studies Core skills assessment / Project 20%