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Benefits of QAMAS
  1. Enhancing School Image
    Being accredited under the QAMAS, the school is recognized for its capacity in providing fair, reliable and valid examinations and assessment for the students. This will boost the confidence of the public, parents and students and hence improve the image of the school.
  2. Recognizing the Development of Assessment Literacy Culture at School
    The scheme can foster the commitment of participating schools in equipping themselves with the necessary literacy in examination administration and assessment practices. This can also help promote the culture of “Assessment for Learning”.
  3. Adapting to Education Reforms Effectively
    Accredited schools not only equip with a high standard of examination and assessment management, it also shows that the schools can exercise its examinations and assessment management system effectively with their assessment personnel. This can benefit the education reforms and the whole community.
  4. Publicity
    The contents of the scheme and the list of accredited schools have been uploaded to the HKEAA website. Accreditation ceremony and sharing sessions are held for accredited schools to share their valuable experiences with the education community.