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Assessment Criteria
The scheme is open to all primary and secondary schools and the main assessment criteria are as follows:
  1. School assessment policy / training and professional development e.g. the contents of school assessment policy and its status of implementation;records of teachers’ training in assessment etc.
  2. Experiences of examinations and assessment personnel at school e.g. experiences in being subject committee member, marker, centre supervisor, invigilator, assessment administration supervisor or oral examiner etc.
  3. Venue maintenance e.g. facilities and provisions of schools for administering examinations etc.
  4. Operation logistics e.g. proper procedures for arrangement and conduct of examinations and assessment etc.
  5. Improvement initiatives e.g. collaboration with tertiary institutes, review and revision of assessment policy etc.

To determine whether schools meet the requirements of this scheme, the HKEAA will examine and review relevant documents and records, conduct on-site school visits and discuss with responsible assessment personnel at school.

Meanwhile, the HKEAA will also continually provide supports to participating schools, which include giving feedback and suggestions on assessment management tasks, sharing of good practices on assessment management and examination administration, and offering a series of assessment literacy training to strengthen the knowledge in assessment management.

Accreditation will be recommended and awarded with the validity in a cycle of five years. Accredited schools are required to carry out regular self-assessment and submit relevant documents to the HKEAA. Sample checking of documents during regular surveillance visits to school will be conducted by the HKEAA and the accreditation needs to be renewed every five years. Before renewal of the accreditation, the performance of the school and its relevant records will be reviewed. A full visit to the school will be conducted to determine whether the quality of examination and assessment management is maintained at the required standard.