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Data-driven Assessment Enhancement Programme
Data-driven Assessment Enhancement Programme
The Data-driven Assessment Enhancement Programme aims at empowering teachers to develop quality assessment papers through making good use of assessment data from the Diagnostic Feedback System (DFS) and the Assessment Quality-assurance Platform (AQP) to better understand students' learning needs and improve assessment design, and thus enhancing the teaching and assessment quality of the schools.
Programme structure
The programme includes subject-based assessment design item writing training for two teachers as well as unlimited use of the DFS and the AQP for all teachers and students.
Teachers (preferably panel heads) from each subscribing school will receive assessment design and item writing training on different HKDSE subjects (Please click here for the subjects offered in this school year and the timetable).
Learning modules
The five online learning modules: 1) Quick Overview of Concepts in Educational Assessment, 2) DFS and AQP, 3) Test Design Considerations, 4) Diagnostic Multiple-Choice Questions, and 5) Quality Assurance. Participants can access the Moodle e-learning platform during their own scheduled learning time to complete the modules to master the assessment skills and theories.
Item writing training
In the item writing training, teachers will be guided by subject experts to simulate the process of developing test papers in schools to master the principles and methods of setting examination and assessment questions through practical experience. After completing the training, participants may transfer what they have learned in their subject panel to benefit more school colleagues.
While the DFS focuses on HKDSE questions, AQP is an automated web-based system for quality assurance of test and exam papers in schools. It makes use of modern assessment technologies to analyse test items to ensure their quality. Please visit AQP webpage for more information.

To conclude, the Data-driven Assessment Enhancement Programme provides secondary schools with necessary support in improving the effectiveness of assessment activities through the development of quality assessment papers and the use of assessment data.

Fee Schedule/Subscription
Please visit the OQB website for the fee schedule and subscription procedures of the data-driven assessment enhancement programme.
For enquiries on the data-driven assessment enhancement programme, please contact us at (852) 3628 8511 or by email to