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Quality Policy
Our Quality Policy
To achieve our Mission, all of our staff is committed to on-going improvement of the quality of our examination and assessment services through:
  1. Maintaining a Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, and statutory and regulatory requirements;
  2. Maintaining a quality assurance mechanism to ensure adequate control over processes and to strive for process improvements;
  3. Establishing and maintaining ongoing processes for improving the quality of examinations and assessments;
  4. Maintaining the standards of our professional work and the standards of the qualifications we confer;
  5. Building a culture of trust, teamwork and collegiality among staff in order to achieve the mission of the Authority;
  6. Fostering quality management culture and customer service concepts throughout the Authority;
  7. Investing in capacity building and providing professional training and development for all staff;
  8. Maintaining close communication with key interested parties, and satisfying their reasonable needs;
  9. Maintaining adequate and effective communication within the Authority and encouraging suggestions for improving services and processes; and
  10. Ensuring that the Quality Objectives align with the Quality Policy.