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SAT is offered by the College Board of the United States. The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) is one of the examination centres appointed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to hold SAT in Hong Kong.

The SAT is the most widely used and most rigorously researched college admissions test in history. Virtually every college in the United States accepts the SAT as a measure of the critical thinking skills students need for academic success in college. The SAT assesses how well students analyze and solve problems - skills learned in school that are needed in college. The test also provides an independent measure of a student's college readiness that is standardized across all students, schools, and communities, providing a common and objective scale for comparison.


Examination Registration

The SAT is offered internationally in August, October, December, March, and May.  Registration for taking the test in Hong Kong must be done online via the Web site of the College Board at

The SAT Student Guide can be downloaded at



The College Board

Tel: +1-212-713-7789


Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority

Tel: +852 3628 8787
For service quality assurance, our telephone conversation with the public may be recorded.



Location of the HKEAA Test Sites and Information to candidates

*Centre information is ONLY  for helping test takers to locate their test centres.

* Reminder
candidates and their representatives must not contact nor request to visit their test centres. doing so can result in the cancellation of the test centres.

*All candidates must bring along their own valid identification documents AND admission tickets AT THE SAME TIME to enter the centre for attending the test.

Download test site information of March 2022#

Download test site information of May 2022#

#Standby/ Waitlist and Changes on Test-day are NOT available in ALL test centres
Please refer to the College Board's Web site for details:
#We apologize that test centre's information may change without any notification

The information in the document below is only applicable to the test centres administered by the HKEAA:






Reference on Accommodation for Non-Local Candidates

(Remarks: The information is for reference only. The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority is not involved in the provision of accommodation and tour services to candidates. Candidates are free to choose their own accommodation and other connecting arrangements for their stay in Hong Kong. Please contact the organisations concerned for further details. )

To search for the information of a licensed hotel or guesthouse from the website of the HKSAR Government



General Typhoon / Bad Weather Arrangements

As cancellation and/or postponement of an examination is a very serious matter, any decision to do so by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) will be made only when it is absolutely necessary. If weather conditions are at all doubtful (such as the possible hoisting of a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or the issue of the Rainstorm Red or Black Warning), candidates should pay attention to the radio or television broadcast, or view the HKEAA website for examination schedules right up to the time they leave for the examination centre. Candidates should note that:

(a) under normal circumstances, the HKEAA announcement of the postponement/cancellation of an examination will be made approximately two hours before the commencement of the examination;

(b) the announcement of closure of schools due to a tropical cyclone/the issue of the Rainstorm Red or Black Warning does not necessarily imply any postponement/cancellation of an examination scheduled to be held on that day;

(c) unless an announcement has been made by the HKEAA that examinations/public examinations/ international and professional examinations held by the HKEAA are postponed/cancelled due to bad weather conditions, candidates must assume that their examinations will be conducted as originally scheduled;

(d) once an examination has started, it will continue for the full allotted time unless physical conditions in the examination centre are considered to be dangerous by the Centre Supervisor.