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FAQs on Health Management and Social Care
How can we ensure all the essential concepts, issues and theories required for the public examinations have been taught without the provision of a textbook for HMSC?
There is no single source that covers ALL the learning elements of HMSC. The learning elements of HMSC are generally divided into 2 main categories: static ones and dynamic ones. As health and social care issues are always changing, different phenomena/examples will be used to illustrate different concepts. The elective modules of the curriculum that allow students extended study on open topics further strengthen the dynamic nature of the subject. This explains why textbook is not recommended by the CDI. For the static category, the teaching and learning package developed by the CDI serves as a good reference. The PDP ‘Understanding and Interpreting the HMSC curriculum’ also plays an important role in enabling teachers to interpret the breadth and depth of learning of this subject. Last but not least, empowerment of our NSS students to learn transferrable skills in different contexts is essential in the NSS system.