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SBA Mark Templates

All subjects with SBA in 2023 Examination

Individual Subjects

  • Biology (Cancelled)
  • Chemistry (Cancelled)
  • Chinese Language
  • Chinese Literature (Cancelled)
  • Combined Science (Biology) (Cancelled)
  • Combined Science (Chemistry) (Cancelled)
  • Combined Science (Physics) (Cancelled)
  • Design and Applied Technology
  • English Language
  • Health Management and Social Care (Cancelled)
  • Information and Communication Technology (Cancelled)
  • Integrated Science (Cancelled)
  • Liberal Studies (Cancelled)
  • Literature in English (Cancelled)
  • Physics (Cancelled)
  • Technology and Living (Fashion, Clothing and Textiles) (Cancelled)
  • Technology and Living (Food Science and Technology) (Cancelled)
  • Visual Arts