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Frequently Asked Questions on LPAT - English Language
Paper 2 Writing
Part 1 Composition:
Part 2 Error Correction/Explanation:
  1. Do content and creativity matter in the grading?

    We are more interested in English than ideas, although it is obviously very difficult to separate these in practice. We certainly penalise candidates who write off-topic on the scale ‘Task completion’ but there is no requirement that answers be particularly creative – in fact, the nature of the tasks means that the majority of the answers in each year cover pretty much the same ground.




  2. Is format important?

    If ‘format’ means the features of a piece of writing which simply contribute to the way it looks (e.g. the address in a letter, the To/From header in a memo), then these are not important. In general, we are more concerned with the features of writing covered by the Scales and Descriptors (organisation, grammatical & lexical accuracy and range etc.). This means that we look for language which conveys the right message in the right tone and style. Where format features contribute to this, we take them into account. For example, the salutation in a letter may be considered to be a ‘format’ feature. However, there is a difference in formality between ‘Dear Sir’ and ‘Hi Bill’, and if this were felt to be important for a particular task, we would take it into account, most probably in the ‘Task completion’ scale.




  3. What kinds of grammar(s) do we have to master?

    No single model of grammar is used in the LPATE so various systems are acceptable. Much of the basic terminology is common to different systems in any case, but where there are differences in terminology we take these into account both when developing the papers and when marking candidates’ scripts.