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Australian Teachers of Dancing Exams

 Date:16 Jan 2023


Updates on ATOD Examinations - April/May 2023


The registration period takes place between 17 January and 16 February 2023 and the examinations period will be scheduled from 19 April to 1 May 2023. Examination fees will be collected ONLINE only. More details will be emailed to eligible ATODI members by 16 January 2023. Members who have not received invitation email should call 3628 8787 within business hours for enquiries.


The Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD) Examinations are organised by the Australian Teachers of Dancing International Pty. Ltd. (ATODI). The HKEAA is appointed to organise the practical and written examinations in Hong Kong.



Examination Schedule
The ATOD Examinations are held between April and May. Details regarding the examination will be articulated in the email to the ATODI members.


Examination Dates
Registration Period
Practical Teachers / Non-Teachers Examinations
19 April - 1 May 2023 (Tentative)#
17 January 2023 (08:30)
16 February 2023 (17:30)
Written Teachers Examinations^ 17 January 2023 (08:30)
16 February 2023 (17:30)
# It should be noted that appointments may be given to any time within the examination period subject to the availability of the ATODI's examiners. There will be no guarantee that the choice indicated on entry form will be met.
^ Written Teachers Examinations are in the form of hand-in assessments/research tasks.


Examination Registration
Examination entries will only be accepted from members of ATODI. Applications submitted by individual candidates will NOT be accepted.

The HKEAA will send registration details to all eligible teachers approved by the ATODI. Please note that all the payment must be settled via the HKEAA digital payment platform.



Entry Requirements
Please refer to the latest version of the ATODI Teachers' Manual for details.



Examination Syllabus
Teachers may obtain the latest version of the ATODI Teachers' Manual with details on the examination conditions, examination requirements, dress for examinations, etc, from the ATODI.



Disclaimer and Data Privacy

Neither the ATODI nor the HKEAA shall be responsible for any non-performance of duties where such non-performance has been caused by an act of God, labour strike, natural disaster, adverse weather, epidemic, governmental action or intervention, riot or any other cause not reasonably foreseeable and beyond the reasonable control of the ATODI or the HKEAA. The HKEAA, including their contractors and subcontractors, shall not be liable to anyone claiming for any damages which are caused by, arising from or otherwise related to the failure of staff members, examination personnel or the examination centres to comply with the examination regulations, policies or procedures. All fees paid are not refundable and not transferable from one examination to another or from one candidate to another or for any other purposes.

Personal data of applicants/candidates are used by the HKEAA and the Examination Board for delivery of examination and assessment services. Whether you provide the requested personal data is voluntary. However, if you fail to provide all the data, or if any of the data are inaccurate or incomplete, the HKEAA may not be able to accept your entry or provide all or part of the examination and assessment services. The personal data submitted may also be used for:

    1. assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organizations in their admission processes;
    2. assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organizations in respect of their requests for information in granting scholarships;
    3. assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organizations to confirm the candidates' eligibility for financial assistance or other forms of subsidization, in which case, the necessary personal data of the candidates may have to be disclosed to the concerned organizations for verification;
    4. certifying candidates' examination results in response to legitimate requests;
    5. processing any refund or payment in relation to the examination;
    6. conducting educational research and analysis in an anonymous format in which the identities of candidates are not traceable; and
    7. marketing the services and products of the Examination Board (including examination services, courses, events, publications, and other examination materials or resources) subject to the consent of the applicants/candidates.*

The HKEAA may also transfer the personal data of applicants/candidates to third parties for use for the above purposes or other directly related purposes, including government/public organizations, schools and educational institutions, banks (for processing refund or payment), and service providers providing various administrative or technical services to facilitate the delivery of the examination and assessment services including but not limited to data punching, registration process, dispatch of examination documents, and the capture, disposal or other processing of data.

In compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, access to all personal data will be made available, on payment of a fee, to anyone who can establish his/her right to be informed of such data as are retained by the HKEAA. Please also note that applicants'/candidates' personal data/correspondence/other information received by the HKEAA may be transferred to the Examination Board concerned for delivery of examination and assessment services and for any of the above mentioned purposes or other directly related purposes. In general, upon completion of an examination or examination series and all the connecting examination services, the HKEAA will transfer all such data to the Examination Board who will then assume full control of such data. By then, applicants/candidates should approach the Examination Board direct for their personal data/information handling policies if necessary.

*If you have given consent but wish to withdraw your consent for your personal data to be used for this purpose, please send a letter of request to the HKEAA.



Further Information
Please browse the ATODI website at for further information.




For more information, you may contact the following:

Australian Teachers of Dancing International Pty. Ltd.
Tel: (61) 408 783348
Address: P.O. Box 565
Waterford, QLD 4133


Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
International and Professional Examinations Division
Contact us:




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