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ABRSM Practical Grade and Performance Grade Exams

Date:21 September 2023


ABRSM System Maintenance Update


ABRSM announced that system maintenance scheduled for 21 September 2023 has been changed to 27 September 2023 from 1:30pm to 3:45pm (HKT). During the system maintenance, all ABRSM online services and digital exams will NOT be available. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Date:7 September 2023


Updates on the ABRSM Certificates


Please refer to the table below for the dispatch schedule updates.


Exam Month

Dispatch Schedule

Practical Grades March 2023 Dispatched already
(12 June 2023)
Practical Grades April 2023 Dispatched already
(12 June 2023)
Practical Grades July 2023 Dispatched already
(7 September 2023)
Performance Grades February 2023 Dispatched already
(2 May 2023)
Performance Grades March 2023 Dispatched already
(12 June 2023)
Performance Grades April 2023 Dispatched already
(12 June 2023)
Performance Grades May 2023 Dispatched already
(25 July 2023)
Performance Grades June 2023 Dispatched already
(7 September 2023)

ABRSM Results and Certificates Lead Time


Date:30 January 2023


Extension of Special Arrangement for Refunds


ABRSM has extended the special arrangement for refunds until 31 January 2024 but such arrangement does not apply to digital exams. Please visit this page for more details.


Date:21 December 2022


Syllabus Overlap Period Update


Due to COVID-19, ABRSM has further extended the overlap period for some syllabuses to support learners. In 2023 Practical Grade and Performance Grade Exams, candidates could use the specified preceding syllabuses listed on the ABRSM website. Please visit for more information.


Date:1 September 2022


Prerequisite Submission


If you are a candidate for Practical or Performance Grade 6, 7 or 8 exams and are informed by ABRSM that a prerequisite submission is required, you should email a digital color copy (JPEG/ PDF format) of your Grade 5 or above Music Theory certificate or mark form to HKEAA at Please use this format in the email subject of your submission: Student Name-Contact ID-Prerequisite Submission

For other accepted alternatives, please visit:



The HKEAA administers the ABRSM online and paper-based Music Theory Exams, Practical Grades (face-to-face exams) and Performance Grades (digital exams). ABRSM exams are the most popular music exams in Hong Kong.




Examination Registration & Payment

Starting from 2021, applicants should register for the exam (except Choral Singing and Ensembles) and complete the payment through the ABRSM online booking service. For more details, please visit ABRSM website

For Choral Singing and Ensembles, applicants are required to upload the completed ABRSM entry forms (PDF format) and complete the payment online during the registration period via:



Subjects Offered in Hong Kong
Piano Horn Alto Saxophone (not ARSM)
Organ Trumpet Tenor Saxophone (not ARSM)
Violin Bb Cornet (not ARSM) Descant Recorder (not ARSM)
Viola Eb Cornet (not ARSM) Treble Recorder (not ARSM)
Cello Flugelhorn Singing
Double Bass Eb Horn Harpsichord
Guitar Baritone Practical Musicianship
Harp (ARSM Only) Ensembles Percussion
Flute Trombone Soprano Saxophone (not ARSM)
Oboe Bass Trombone Baritone Saxophone (not ARSM)
Clarinet Tuba Saxophone (ARSM only)
Bassoon Euphonium Cornet (ARSM only)
Harp (Pedal) (not ARSM) Singing for Musical Theatre Recorder (ARSM only)
Harp (Non-pedal) (not ARSM)



Examinations & Registration Timetable
Practical Grade Exams (Initial Grade, Grade 1 - Grade 8 and ARSM)
Examination Dates Registration Dates^

Late March to April 2023

(Through ABRSM online booking service only)

23 January 2023 (15:00)
30 January 2023 (23:59)

July to August 2023

Other Subjects
(Through ABRSM online booking service only)

5 April 2023 (15:00)
17 April 2023 (23:59)

Choral Singing and Ensemble

10 March 2023 (08:30)
17 March 2023 (17:30)


^ The registration dates for face-to-face Practical Grade Exams will be kept under review by ABRSM as they can only accept bookings if travel and government restrictions are lifted and the situation allows. ABRSM will provide an update nearer to each booking period.

Performance Grade Exams (Initial Grade, Grade 1 - Grade 8 and ARSM)

Since August 2022, digital Performance Grade and ARSM exams are available on demand. There are no booking periods and exam sessions. Instead, applicants can book the exams at any time and submit the exam videos when they make the bookings or within the following 28 days. Find out more about Performance Grades



Examination Fees

Practical Grades and Performance Grades Examination Fees 2023

  Practical Grades (HK$) Performance Grades (HK$)
Initial Grade 1,300 1,024
Grade 1 1,440 1,141
Grade 2 1,660 1,312
Grade 3 1,780 1,411
Grade 4 1,950 1,546
Grade 5 2,100 1,662
Grade 6 2,320 1,842
Grade 7 2,640 2,093
Grade 8 3,170 2,507
ARSM 4,560 3,612
Prep Test 1,140 -
Performance Assessment 2,100 -
Primary 2,640 -
Intermediate 3,170 -
Advanced 4,560 -
Choral Singing
Primary 2,640 -
Intermediate 3,170 -
Advanced 4,560 -
Attendance Fee 1,780 -



Entry Requirements
  • For Initial Grade to Grade 5 Practical and Performance Grade Exams, there are no specific entry requirements.
  • For candidates entering Grades 6, 7 and 8 of Practical and Performance Grade Exams, a pass in Grade 5 or above of Theory / Practical Musicianship Examinations / solo Jazz subject is required.
  • For candidates entering for ARSM, a pass in Grade 8 Practical or Performance in the instrument being presented (or listed alternative) is required.



Documents Download

Click here to locate the entry forms for Choral Singing and Ensembles on ABRSM website.



Change to Interpreter Arrangements in Hong Kong

From 1 January 2023, interpreter service for ABRSM exams will not be arranged. This means that when candidates book or reschedule exams, they will be able to choose from all available dates, rather than being restricted to dates with or without an interpreter.

Candidates who need an interpreter must arrange this themselves, following ABRSM Interpreter Guidelines. To support candidates, ABRSM has published a list of possible interpreters on their website under "'Change to interpreter arrangements in Hong Kong".



Admission Forms, Results and Certificates
Admission Forms
  • For Practical Grade and Performance Grade Exams, no admission forms will be required. "Notes to Applicants and Candidates" will be emailed to the applicants 2 weeks before the first date of the Practical Grade exam session. Please contact the HKEAA if it is not received 1 week before the first date of the exam session.
  • For Choral Singing and Ensembles, admission forms will be sent to the applicants 4 weeks before the first date of the exam session. It is subject to the schedule of ABRSM. Please contact the HKEAA if the Admission email is not received 2 weeks before the first date of the exam session.

Results and Certificates

Examination results will be released online via ABRSM website within one week of the exam date or submission of the exam video. Certificates will be sent to the applicant within 4 months after the exam date or submission of the exam video. The HKEAA will announce the posting of examination results and certificates via this webpage. Applicants should inform the HKEAA in writing if there are changes to the contact details.

*Applicants who have not received their candidates’ certificates should contact the HKEAA within 5 months after the issue of certificates. Otherwise, the certificates will be regarded as successfully received by the applicants. Uncollected certificates will be destroyed 5 months after the issue of certificates. After that, requests for uncollected certificate will be regarded as applications for replacement of certificates and supplementary fees will be levied.

Exam delivery concerns and result review must be submitted to ARBSM within 3 weeks of release of result. For details, please visit ABRSM website.



Certificate Reprint Service

Starting from 2021, applicants should submit their applications directly to ABRSM. For details, please visit ABRSM website.



Examination Regulations and Syllabuses

Applicants and candidates should observe the most updated information and regulations on ABRSM website:

Examination Syllabuses are available from the ABRSM website:

Sheet Music
When taking face-to-face Practical Grade Exams, playing one or more of the prepared pieces from memory is optional. Candidates playing from memory must bring copies of the pieces for the examiner's use. No one is allowed to listen outside the examination room, nor is anyone allowed to remain near the door except the waiting room supervisors or other representatives of the ABRSM. Candidates may not bring any unauthorized material or equipment into the examination room. Any candidate infringing this rule may be disqualified.

If photocopies are to be used for this purpose, it is the candidate's responsibility to obtain written permission from the publisher/copyright holder. In the UK, certain publishers allow photocopies to be made for the examiner's use - for full details, see the MPA's Code of Fair Practice at

Wrong Music Pieces
Candidates offering a wrong piece or study or not being prepared to perform the whole of the work specified in the current or previous year's syllabus for the Grade under examination will be liable to disqualification. Teachers and candidates are requested to pay particular attention to the current "Exam Information & Regulations".

Candidates must provide their own accompanist in instruments where an accompaniment is required. Their teacher may act as the accompanist but the examiner will not do so. Accompanists must therefore be punctual. Particular attention should be paid to the capability of the accompanist. A poor accompanist can jeopardize the success of a soloist particularly in the higher grades where the set pieces call for a high degree of technical proficiency from both players.

Stringed & Wind Instruments
Candidates examined in stringed or wind instruments are reminded that their instruments need to be tuned to the piano in the examination room immediately before the examination either by themselves or the accompanist. According to the syllabus, in Initial Grade to Grade 5, the teacher or accompanist may tune the candidate's instrument (or advise on tuning) before the exam begins. The examiner will not do so. In Grade 6 to Grade 8 and ARSM, candidates must tune their instruments themselves.

Choral Singing and Bulky Instruments
Applicants and candidates examined in Choral Singing or the following subjects should make their own arrangements for the exam venue. Their instruments should be set in a suitable room, which is easily accessible and free from noise and other disturbances. For Practical Grade Exams, transportation for the examiners must be provided without cost to ABRSM or the HKEAA.

As stipulated in ABRSM "Exam Information & Regulations", applicants hosting a Visit have a duty of care towards examiners as well as candidates and their escorts and, as such, they are advised to carry out a risk assessment and to make appropriate arrangements to comply with health and safety legislation. ABRSM or the HKEAA cannot accept liability for any damage, injury, expense or loss (including consequential loss) incurred during the course of a Visit.

Organ Double Bass Harp (ARSM only) Harp (Pedal) (not ARSM)
Ensembles Harpsichord Percussion Harp (Non-pedal) (not ARSM)
Snare Drum Timpani Tuned Percussion Percussion (Combined)



Data Privacy

Personal data of applicants/candidates are used by the HKEAA and the Examination Board for delivery of examination and assessment services. Whether you provide the requested personal data is voluntary. However, if you fail to provide all the data, or if any of the data are inaccurate or incomplete, the HKEAA may not be able to accept your entry or provide all or part of the examination and assessment services. The personal data submitted may also be used for:

  • Assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organisations in their admission processes;
  • Assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organisations in respect of their requests for information in granting scholarships;
  • Assisting tertiary institutions and other government/public organisations to confirm the candidates' eligibility for financial assistance or other forms of subsidization, in which case, the necessary personal data of the candidates may have to be disclosed to the concerned organisations for verification;
  • Certifying candidates' examination results in response to legitimate requests;
  • Processing any refund or payment in relation to the examination;
  • Conducting educational research and analysis in an anonymous format in which the identities of candidates are not traceable; and
  • Marketing the services and products of the Examination Board (including examination services, courses, events, publications, and other examination materials or resources) subject to the consent of the applicants/candidates.*

The HKEAA may also transfer the personal data of applicants/candidates to third parties for use for the above purposes or other directly related purposes, including government/public organisations, schools and educational institutions, banks (for processing refund or payment), and service providers providing various administrative or technical services to facilitate the delivery of the examination and assessment services including but not limited to data punching, registration process, despatch of examination documents, and the capture, disposal or other processing of data.

    In compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, access to all personal data will be made available, on payment of a fee, to anyone who can establish his/her right to be informed of such data as are retained by the HKEAA. Please also note that applicants’/candidates’ personal data/correspondence/other information received by the HKEAA may be transferred to the Examination Board concerned for delivery of examination and assessment services and for any of the abovementioned purposes or other directly related purposes. In general, upon completion of an examination or examination series and all the connecting examination services, the HKEAA will transfer all such data to the Examination Board who will then assume full control of such data. By then, applicants/candidates should approach the Examination Board direct for their personal data/information handling policies if necessary.

     * If you have given consent to the Authority but wish to withdraw your consent for your personal data to be used for this purpose, please send a letter of request to the Authority.



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