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Category C: Other Languages Subjects - Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where can candidates obtain the Cambridge International* support materials such as specimen papers or standard booklets?

    You may click here to download the syllabus of the six Other Languages.

    Other support materials are copyrighted materials from Cambridge International*. Only teachers of the six Other Languages participating schools are eligible to obtain the support materials. Teachers should not distribute the support materials outside of schools. If teachers would like to obtain the support materials, they should download the form here and return the completed form by fax or by post.

    The form should be signed by the school principal and stamped with a school chop. The materials will be sent to schools upon the approval of the Authority.

    *Remark: Formerly known as Cambridge International Examinations



  3. What advice can you give candidates taking the Speaking test?
    • Try to choose a topic in which you have a genuine interest – you will be less likely to experience difficulties in the topic conversation.
    • You may bring into the examination a cue card, but this should only contain a maximum of five headings, not detailed notes. A script of the presentation is not allowed.
    • You may also bring a limited quantity of illustrative materials, such as maps, diagrams, statistics or short articles.
    • Remember that you must ask questions of the examiner in both the topic and general conversation. You should aim to ask a minimum of two to three questions.
    • You must not produce chunks of pre-learned material (e.g. pre-prepared questions, pre-determined scripts).
    • Try not to feel anxious and remember that examiners seek to create a reasonable and relaxed atmosphere, in which you are given every possible opportunity to communicate and achieve your potential.



  4. Can I order the publications from Cambridge International* direct?

    Yes, Cambridge International* accepts online orders.

    *Remark: Formerly known as Cambridge International Examinations



  5. When does the registration for the six Other Languages subjects examination start?

    The registration takes place in June/July of the same examination year.



  6. I have heard that there will be no speaking component in the Urdu and Hindi examinations from the 2019 November series examination onwards. Is this true?

    Yes, from the 2019 November series examination, Urdu and Hindi will resort to the same examination format as the AS level examination in rest of the world, i.e. there will be two components: Component 2 - Reading & Writing and Component 3 - Essay. See the latest Syllabus for further details.