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Results after Rechecking and Remarking
After the scripts have been rechecked/ remarked, a special committee of the HKEAA (chaired by the Secretary General) will meet to scrutinise all the applications and decide which cases meet the upgrading criteria laid down by the Public Examinations Board.


  • There is normally no downgrading as a result of the processing of applications for rechecking/ remarking even if the rechecked/ remarked mark is lower than the original mark.


  • Following rechecking, the subject/ component result will be upgraded if technical errors are found and the final mark after correction of technical errors attains the cut score of the higher level concerned.
  • Since there is an element of professional judgment in marking, especially for questions of an open-ended nature, it is possible that the same script will be given a different score in a different assessment context during remarking. Therefore, following remarking, the subject/ component result will be upgraded only if the final mark after averaging out all the valid marks of the original marker and the remarker(s) reaches a specified margin above the cut score of the higher level concerned. This is to ensure the overall reliability of the grade awards for all candidates as there is normally no downgrading after remarking.


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