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Public Examinations Support System 2 (PESS2)
  1. What is Public Examinations Communication and Support System (PECSS)?

    PECSS is a user-friendly system involving the use of webcams and an instant messaging programme linked to the HKEAA Command Centre. It comprises 2 modules: (1) Examination Centre Recording System and (2) Examination Centre Communication System. The Examination Centre Recording System is a programme recording the examination proceedings while the Examination Centre Communication System is an instant messaging programme enabling real-time communication between Centre Supervisors and the HKEAA Command Centre.



  2. What is PECSS for?

    It facilitates the smooth conduct of public examinations through enhanced communication with Centre Supervisors and support for examination centres to minimise possible impacts on candidates during emergency situations.



  3. Will my face be captured clearly by the System?

    No. The System is used to record the examination proceedings and environment of the examination centre rather than individual candidates. Therefore, your face will not be captured clearly.



  4. Will the examination proceedings be affected by the implementation of the PECSS?

    No. Testing sessions will be arranged with centre schools a few days before the first examination day to ensure good functioning of the PECSS equipment. Since all equipment is placed on the stage and activated before the examination starts, the examination proceedings will not be affected.



  5. In which examination centres will the PECSS be used?

    PECSS will be implemented in all Category A written examinations in the HKDSE conducted in school halls of normal centres and special centres.



  6. How do I know whether the implementation of the PECSS is carried out in the centre that I sit for the examination?

    If the PECSS is used, posters will be displayed at the entrance and prominent locations of the examination centre for candidates’ attention and the Centre Supervisor will make an announcement before the examination starts.