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Public Examinations Support System 2 (PESS2)
  1. What is Attendance and Script Tracking System (ASTS)?

    ASTS is a system developed to enhance the reliability and efficiency of examination administration. It comprises two components: tracking of attendance records and candidates’ answers scripts.



  2. What is ASTS for?

    Using handheld barcode scanners, invigilators scan the barcodes printed on candidates’ admission forms and on their individual barcode sheets while taking attendance. The invigilators then scan the barcode labels which are affixed on the cover of the answer books/multiple-choice answer sheets to record the collection of answer scripts at the end of the examination session. After completion of scanning, invigilators will upload the data to the ASTS programme and the Centre Supervisor can make use of the data to cross-check the number of candidates present and the number of scripts collected.



  3. Will the barcode scanner generate any sound?

    The barcode scanner is muted. No sound will be generated during scanning.



  4. If I cannot produce both my admission form and identity card, how does the invigilator take my attendance?

    If you cannot produce your original admission form and identity card, you will be given a spare barcode sheet. You should write your English name in block letters on each of the spare barcode labels on the sheet to facilitate the invigilator to take your attendance according to the information provided on the barcode labels.



  5. In which examination centres will the ASTS be used?

    The ASTS will be implemented in all HKDSE Category A written examinations conducted in school halls and the special rooms of the listening tests.