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                                                                                                      About HKEAA

                  ࡰʈᑚཇ                                    Sta  Remuneration

                  ɛɢ༟๕։ࡰึࠋபఱ΢ධၾᑚཇ޴                        The Human Resources Committee advises on remuneration-
                  ᗫٙ݁ഄdܼ̍ϋܓᑚږሜ዆eᑚཇ                        related policies, including annual pay adjustments, remuneration
                  ݖ࿴ʿՉ˼໌͜ૢ΁dΣ։ࡰึ౤̈                        structure and other employment terms and conditions. These
                                                          are then approved by the Council.

                  ࠬᎈ၍ଣʿʫ௅္࿀                               Risk Management and Internal Control

                  Ͻ൙҅˸ਖ਼ุʿϓࣖࡒ௪ٙ˙όd౤Զ                       The HKEAA is committed to providing fair, valid and reliable
                  ʮ̻eϞࣖܓձڦܓٙϽ༊ձ൙ࣨ؂                        examinations and assessment services in a professional, efficient
                  ਕfމϤҢࡁІ2005ϋৎྼ݄ISO 9001                 and effective manner. Since the implementation of the ISO 9001
                  ۜሯ၍ଣᅺ๟fމୌΥISO 9001਷ყ๟                   Quality Management System   QMS  in 2005, an annual internal
                                                          audit review of the QMS for compliance with the requirement
                  ۆٙࠅӋdҢࡁආБəϋܓʫ௅ᄲࣨd                       of the ISO 9001 International Standard was conducted. It
                  ԨᆽႩϽ൙҅ঐϞࣖપБʿၪܵۜሯ                        was confirmed that the QMS was effectively implemented
                  ၍ଣᅺ๟fމୌΥISO 9001:2015Ⴉᗇ                 and maintained. To fulfil the certification requirement of the
                  ࠅӋdႩᗇዚ࿴׵2021ϋ2˜ϓ̌ආБ                     ISO 9001:2015, a recertification audit by the certification
                  Ό᜕ࠦᗇ൙Пd຅ʕӚϞ೯ତʔୌΥࠅ                       body was successfully conducted in February 2021 with  no
                  Ӌٙධͦf                                   non-conformity noted.

                  ʫ௅ᄲࠇଡ଼ᘱᚃ္ຖࠬᎈ൙ПԨආБ                        The Internal Audit Unit   IAU  has continued overseeing the risk
                  ዹͭٙʫ௅္࿀fҢࡁમࠬ͜ᎈձࣖ                        assessment and  reviewing  the  internal  control  of  the  HKEAA
                  ूމ͉ٙᄲࠇ˙০dϋʫආБٙʫ௅                        independently. A risk-and-effectiveness-based audit approach
                                                          was adopted. During the year, internal audits such as the
                  ᄲࠇධܼͦ̍jෂৃഄଫձద᜗ᗫڷ                        internal control on communications strategies and media
                  ၍ଣeમᒅݴ೻ձԶᏐਠ၍ଣeݟቡ                        relations  management;  procurement  process  and  vendor
                  ࡈɛ༟ࣘݴ೻e਷ყձਖ਼ุϽ༊ٙৌ                        management; data access process; financial management
                  ਕ၍ଣʿҷഛણ݄d˸ʿ࠰ಥʕኪ                         and  improvement measures on conduct of  international and
                  ˖ኯϽ༊€˖ኯ༊༊՜ႡЪཀ೻ٙ                        professional examinations; as well as a special and follow-up
                  ᄲࣨʿ༧ආᏨীfᄲࠇཀ೻ʕӚϞ೯                        review of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education
                  ତ׼ᜑ္ٙ࿀ਪᕚdԨʊאਗ਼ึમॶ                        Examination   HKDSE  question paper development process
                                                          had been conducted. No significant control deficiencies were
                  Ϟᗫҷഛݴ೻ٙܔᙄfϤ̮dމ౤ʺ                        noted and recommendations for process enhancement had
                  ၍طʿᄣආϽ൙҅ࡰʈ࿁ʫ௅္࿀                         been / would be adopted. Besides, to promote governance
                  ٙႩᗆdϽ൙҅ί௅ʱ੬஝ݴ೻ʕ                         and internal control awareness within the HKEAA, the Authority
                  ˏɝ௅ژʫ௅ᄲࣨdܼ̍ᄲࣨ˖ኯ༊                        has introduced self-audit at Division / Unit level on some
                  ༊՜e̊يʿऊঃۜeᗇࣣÿϓᐶஷٝ                       routine processes, such as physical count and usage of HKDSE
                  ࣣʿϓᐶఊٙᆵᓃၾԴ͜f                            question  papers, publications and consumables, certificates/
                                                          results notices and statement of results issued by the HKEAA.

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