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                                                                                                                                                                                                                             About HKEAA

          ԫਕ։ࡰึ                                  Committees

          ։ࡰึᒍɨணϞεࡈԫਕ։ࡰึd္                       The Council appoints standing committees to monitor
          ࿀҅ʫ΢ධࠠࠅᔖঐf΢ԫਕ։ࡰ                        various major functions of the HKEAA. These committees
          ึܲ๫֛݅ᔖᛆᇍఖᄵБᔖபd͵                        carry out their work in accordance with their terms of reference.
                                                 Working groups and sub-committees may also be appointed
          ̙ϓͭʈЪʃଡ଼ʿʃଡ଼։ࡰึdஈଣ                       to  take  on  particular  tasks. The major committees in 2020/21
          ਖ਼பԫਕfɨΐމ2020ÿ21ϋܓ˴ࠅ                    are listed below, while  the membership lists are detailed in
          ٙԫਕ։ࡰึdՉϓࡰΤఊ̊༱׵                        Appendix 1.

          h ഄଫ೯࢝։ࡰึ                              ͓  Strategic Development Committee
          h ɪൡᔧࣨ։ࡰึ                              ͓  Appeal Review Committee

          h ᄲࠇ։ࡰึ                                ͓  Audit Committee
          h ਿ͉ঐɢ൙Пፔ༔։ࡰึ                          ͓  Advisory Committee on Basic Competency Assessment
                                                 ͓  Finance Committee
          h ৌਕ։ࡰึ
                                                 ͓  Human Resources Committee
          h ɛɢ༟๕։ࡰึ
                                                 ͓  Information Technology Committee
          h ༟ৃ߅Ҧ։ࡰึ
                                                 ͓  Public Examinations Board
          h ʮකϽ༊։ࡰึ
                                                 ͓  Research and Development Committee
          h ޼Ӻʿ೯࢝։ࡰึ

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