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                                                                                                      About HKEAA

                  ׬ࠋ                                      Our Vision

                  ϓމ˰ޢٝΤʿڦᚑ݇ഹٙϽ༊ʿ൙                        To be a world-renowned and well-trusted examination and
                  ࣨ؂ਕዚ࿴f                                  assessment services provider.

                  Դն                                      Our Mission

                  މʲΥ઺ԃʿٟึٙცࠅdҢࡁึ˸                        To meet educational and societal needs, we shall provide valid,
                  ਖ਼ุeՈ௴จʿϓࣖࡒ௪ٙ˙ό౤Զ                        reliable and equitable examinations and a range of assessment
                  Ϟࣖܓeڦܓձʮ̻ٙϽ༊ձɓӻΐ                        services in a professional, innovative, efficient and effective manner.

                  Ͻ൙҅ϓࡰٙଡ଼ϓձ։΂                             The HKEAA Members –
                                                          Composition and Appointment

                  Ͻ൙҅͟࠰ಥϽ༊ʿ൙ࣨ҅ૢԷ‘                        The HKEAA consists of persons as specified in Schedule 2 of the
                  ڝڌɚ஝֛ٙɛɻଡ଼ϓdϓࡰܼ̍͟                        Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority Ordinance.
                  ࠰ಥतйБ݁ਜБ݁ڗ֜։΂ʿɽኪ                        Members are either appointed by the Chief Executive of the
                                                          Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, nominated by the
                                                          Heads of Universities Committee or are ex-officio members. The
                                                          2020/21 membership list is in Appendix 1. All members, who
                  ҅ϓࡰΤఊfৰ।ࣣஈᔖࡰdՉ˼ϓ                        are not Secretariat staff, are not remunerated.

                  Ͻ൙҅։ࡰึձΆุ၍ط                             The HKEAA Council and Corporate Governance

                  Ͻ൙҅։ࡰึ€։ࡰึމϽ൙҅௰৷                       The HKEAA Council   the Council  is the highest governing
                  ӔഄఊЗdᒍɨணϞʔΝԫਕ։ࡰึd                       body.  Under the Council are a number of committees providing
                  ఱʔΝᇍᖚٙʈЪ౤ԶจԈʿ՘пf                        advice and assistance in various areas. The Council is committed
                                                          to continually enhancing the HKEAA’s governance structure
                  ։ࡰึߧɢܵᚃҁഛϽ൙҅ٙ၍طݖ                        and  streamlining operational and decision-making processes to
                  ࿴dၚᔊՉ༶ЪʿӔഄཀ೻dᆽڭ̙                        ensure its all-time readiness to take on every challenge.

                  ։ࡰึٙᔖப                                  Responsibilities of the Council

                  ։ࡰึࠋபᄲᙄϽ൙҅ٙ΢ධ˴ࠅࠇ                        The  Council  makes  decisions  on  and  approves  major plans,
                  ྌeৌ݁ཫၑe݁ഄʿ஝௝d͵ࠋப                        budgets, policies and regulations of the HKEAA. It also appoints
                  ΂ն।ࣣஈٙ৷ॴБ݁ɛࡰʿӊϋ̜ක                       senior executives of the Secretariat, and meets at least twice a
                  ௰ˇՇϣึᙄf2020ÿ21ϋܓ΍̜ක                     year. In 2020/21, six meetings were convened.

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