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                                                                                                                                                                                                                             About HKEAA

          Ͻਕɛࡰ                                   Examination Personnel

          ӊϋٙʮකϽ༊֙ܓdҢࡁ໌͜ᅰ˸                       To help with public examinations, thousands of examination
          ɷࠇϽਕɛࡰዄ΂༊՜Ꮭᕚࡰeᄲࣨ                       personnel are employed on a seasonal basis each year. The
          ࡰeᄲᕚࡰeቡ՜ࡰeࣧ࿁ࡰʿ္Ͻࡰd                     majority of these are experienced teachers in secondary schools
                                                 or  universities  who  serve  as  examination  setters,  assessors,
          ຅ʕɽ௅ʱމ༟ଉʕኪאɽኪ઺ࢪf                       moderators, markers, proofreaders and invigilators. The HKEAA
          Ͻ൙҅͵Ϟ፠ኪࣧމʮකϽ༊౤Զ                        also relies on the keen support of schools providing venues
          Ͻ༊ఙήʿ္Ͻɛࡰfމཫԣ2019                      and invigilation staff for public examinations. In light of the
          ڿًषݭषชݑdҢࡁᘱᚃ׵2021ϋ                     COVID-19 pandemic, a series of precautionary measures
          ˖ኯ༊ྼ݄εධԣޥτરiࠋபഅ༊                       continued to be implemented in the 2021 HKDSE. More than
          ʿ୩ᛓϽ༊္ٙϽࡰϞ൴ཀ21,000                     21,000 invigilator-sessions were organised for the written  and
          ɛϣf                                    listening papers.

          ।ࣣஈ                                    The Secretariat

          ।ࣣஈ͟।ࣣڗჯኬd໌͜ߒ350Τ                      The Secretariat, led by the Secretary General, employs around
          Όᔖɛࡰdމʮ଺e։ࡰึʿᒍɨ΢                       350 full-time staff members to serve the public, the Council and
          ԫਕ։ࡰึ౤Զ؂ਕf                             its committees.

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