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School-based Assessment (SBA)

SBA refers to assessments administered in schools and marked by students’ own teachers. SBA marks awarded counted towards students’ public assessment results. SBA had been introduced to Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) in different subjects since 1980.

Development of SBA for HKCEE

Subjects Year Implemented
Design & Technology 1980
Electronics & Electricity 1980
Fashion & Clothing 1989
Design & Technology (Alt. Syl.) 2002
Graphical Communication 2002
Technological Studies 2002
Computer & Information Technology 2005
Integrated Humanities 2005
Science & Technology 2005
Visual Arts 2005
Chinese History 2006
History 2006
Chinese Language 2007
English Language 2007


Below is a summary of subjects with SBA since 2007 HKCEE

Subjects Mode of Assessment Weighting
Design & Technology Project 331/3%
Electronics & Electricity Project 30%
Fashion & Clothing Project 30%
Design & Technology (Alt. Syl.) Project 30%
Graphical Communication Project 30%
Technological Studies Project 30%
Computer & Information Technology Project 20%
Integrated Humanities Course assignment / Course performance / Internal tests & exams 20%
Science & Technology Independent study 20%
Visual Arts Portfolio 50%
Chinese History Essay & report / Internal tests & exams 20%
History Course assignment / Course performance/ Internal tests & exams 20%
Chinese Language Reading activities / Coursework & other language activities 15%
English Language Oral assessment 15%



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