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Ir Dr So Kwok Sang
Secretary General

Secretary General: Dr So Kwok Sang

Dr So Kwok Sang has assumed the role of Secretary General effective 1 September 2017. As the chief executive of the HKEAA Secretariat, he provides strategic directions and leadership for more than 350 staff in supporting the administration and delivery of a wide range of examinations and assessment services for the school sector and the public.

Dr So was previously Academic Registrar of Hong Kong Baptist University and prior to that role he was Registrar of The Education University of Hong Kong (formerly The Hong Kong Institute of Education). He was a Member of the Appeal Review Committee of the HKEAA with previous membership of the Standards Committee and Public Examinations Board. He was also a member (former Chairman) of the Joint University Programmes Admission System Board of Management.

Dr So owns ample experience in evaluating the assessment framework of the HKDSE, advising on matters concerning the conduct of examinations and giving directions in setting the examination standards as well as making recommendations regarding the policies and procedures of appeal processing and reviewing of examination decisions. He also possesses rich experience in the full spectrum of education services, from teaching to programme development, education administration and management at all levels ranging from pre-school, primary, secondary to tertiary.

Dr So graduated from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology with Master of Science in Power Systems Analysis and Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering. He has also received the Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Master of Education (Higher Education) from The University of Hong Kong, Postgraduate Diploma in Research and Professional Studies in Education from the University of Bristol, UK and the Master of Christian Studies from Evangel Seminary, Hong Kong. Dr So is a Chartered Electrical Engineer, a Corporate Member of both the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.

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Mr Chak Shui Hang
Director - Corporate Services

Director - Corporate Services: Mr Chak Shui-hang

Mr Chak Shui-hang is the Director - Corporate Services overseeing the overall strategic directions of the HKEAA’s Finance, Human Resources and Administration as well as its Information Technology services. He also provides executive support to the HKEAA Council, coordinates the preparation of the annual strategic plan and takes charge of other governance initiatives. He is also responsible for liaising with major institutional stakeholders, including the government and other relevant organisations, especially on budget and public accountabilities issues.

Mr Chak has over 20 years’ experience in public sector management. He has assumed different leadership roles specialising in labour administration, law enforcement, investigation, IT projects, complaint management, public governance, conciliation/ mediation service, quality assurance of publicly funded training programmes, etc. and has respectively served in the Labour Department, Office of The Ombudsman and the Employees Retraining Board. Prior to joining the HKEAA, he was the Director, Human Resources Services of Hong Kong Disneyland Management Limited. Mr Chak obtained his BA(Hons) degree from The University of Hong Kong and MSc degree in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Leicester, and is a Fellow Member of Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management.

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Dr Luo Guan-zhong, Ph.D (Murdoch)
Director – Assessment Technology and Research

Director – Assessment Technology and Research: Dr Luo Guan-zhong

Dr Guanzhong Luo is the Director - Assessment Technology and Research (D-ATR). He oversees the consistent application of assessment methods to maintain the standard of the qualifications the Authority confers. Major duties of Dr Luo also include the consistent employment of assessment technology (such as psychometric theories and statistical modeling), maintenance of standards across years and different subjects, quality audit of examination / assessment papers and items, as well as management of the Assessment Technology and Research Division.

Dr Luo has extensive knowledge and experience in the application of assessment technology. Dr Luo joined the Authority in September 2004. Prior to joining the HKEAA, he held various academic posts in universities in China, Singapore and Australia. His publications and computer software are internationally acclaimed. He is a professor and Ph.D students' supervisor of Psychometrics in South China Normal University. He also serves Beijing Normal University as an adjunct professor.

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Mrs Christina Lee
Director - Public Examinations

Director - Public Examinations: Mrs Christina Lee

Mrs Christina Lee is the Director of Public Examinations and coordinates the work of the Assessment Development Division, the School Examinations and Assessment Division, and the Examination Systems Unit. She leads the development and administration of the HKDSE and LPAT and is responsible for the implementation, review and enhancement of public examination policies and procedures.

Mrs Lee has served the HKEAA since 1990. She has extensive experience in English language teaching and testing and was in charge of English Language papers in the BPT, HKCE, HKHL and HKAL examinations. She was responsible for the development of standards-referenced reporting and the school-based assessment component of the HKCEE English Language examination. She led the onscreen marking (OSM) project and played an important role in the introduction of OSM to HKCEE Chinese Language and English Language in 2007, and the subsequent implementation of OSM in all HKDSE Category A subjects. She contributed to the development and implementation of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) curriculum and assessment, oversaw the first administration of the HKDSE Examination in 2012, and has been coordinating the review of the HKDSE assessment frameworks.

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Mr Wan Tak-wing
General Manager - Assessment Development

General Manager - Assessment Development: Mr Wan Tak-wing

Mr Wan Tak-wing is the General Manager – Assessment Development. He leads the Assessment Development Division and is responsible for planning and coordination for the assessment development of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) and other local public examinations, including the development of question papers, the marking of examination scripts and the grading of candidates’ performance.

Mr Wan joined the HKEAA in 1989. He has substantial experience in the assessment development and administration of public examinations, including the HKCE, HKAL and HKDSE examinations. He also contributed to the development and implementation of Standards-referenced Reporting (SRR) and School-based Assessment (SBA) in the HKDSE.

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Dr Tenny Lam
General Manager - Education Assessment Services

General Manager - Education Assessment Services: Dr Tenny Lam

Dr Lam Ling-chi, Tenny is the General Manager of the Education Assessment Services Division. She is responsible for the administration of the Basic Competency Assessment (BCA) in Chinese, English and Mathematics at Primary 3, Primary 6 and Secondary 3.

Dr Lam joined the Authority in 2001 and was responsible for developing Chinese Language in BCA project. She was promoted to Senior Manager in 2008 and focused on the coordination of assessment development and administration of the BCA. She has also engaged in assessment training for teachers and staff of assessment organisations in Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. With extensive teaching experience, Dr Lam taught Chinese Language, Chinese Literature and Chinese History in secondary schools and special school before joining the Authority.

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Mr William Lai
General Manager – Examination Systems

General Manager – Examination Systems: Mr William Lai

Mr William Lai is the General Manager of the Examination Systems Unit. He has been serving the Authority since 1989 and has extensive experience in system design, database administration and system operations. He leads the Examination Systems Unit and is responsible for the overall management of the examination system operations of the HKDSE Examination and LPAT.

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Ms Mabel Wong
General Manager - Finance

General Manager - Finance: Ms Mabel Wong

Ms Mabel Wong is the General Manager of Finance Division. She is responsible for overseeing the Finance Division in areas of financial management, budget planning, procurement, printing and publication of the Authority. Prior to joining the HKEAA, she held management positions in Hong Kong listed financial institutions, with extensive experience in the area of accounting and finance.

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Ms Michelle Choi
General Manager - Human Resources and Administration

General Manager - Human Resources and Administration: Ms Michelle Choi

Ms Michelle Choi is the General Manager of Human Resources and Administration. She is responsible for the provision of a full spectrum of human resources management, general administrative and facility management services.

Michelle is a seasoned human resources professional with extensive experience in human resources management in the public and private sectors before joining HKEAA.

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Ms Peggie Tang
Chief Internal Auditor

Chief Internal Auditor: Ms Peggie Tang

Ms Peggie Tang is the Chief Internal Auditor of the Internal Audit Unit. She is in charge of the planning and execution of different types of internal audits within the Authority. Peggie is also responsible for the execution of the quality management system and monitoring of the Authority's internal controls and process reviews.

With extensive experience in internal control and quality assurance aspects, Peggie held internal audit positions in listed companies, education bodies and non-government organisations before joining the Authority.

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Dr Margaret Lo, Cert. Ed., MBA, EdD
General Manager - International and Professional Examinations

General Manager - International and Professional Examinations: Dr Margaret Lo

Dr Margaret Lo is the General Manager of the International and Professional Examinations Division. She oversees the implementation of examinations commissioned by other organisations, such as professional bodies, educational institutions, awarding bodies, employers and government departments, many of which are outside Hong Kong.

Dr Lo joined the Authority in 2000 as Head of the Overseas Examinations Division. She has extensive experience in various educational fields, including teaching, publishing, administration and development of public examinations and assessment services.

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Mr Tsang Kwong-nap
General Manager - Information Technology

General Manager - Information Technology: Mr Tsang Kwong-nap

Mr K N Tsang joined the Authority in 2001 and was appointed General Manager – IT in 2006. He is responsible for the development and operations of IT.

Mr K N Tsang has extensive experience in IT and large scale project management. Before joining the Authority, Mr Tsang held IT management positions in different business sectors including telecommunications, transportation and betting.

Mr Tsang has helped the Authority won several IT awards and ISO accreditations.

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Ms Magdalene Li
General Manager - Public Affairs & Communications

General Manager - Public Affairs & Communications: Ms Magdalene Li

Ms Magdalene Li leads the Public Affairs and Communications Unit. She oversees media relations, stakeholders communications and corporate marketing. She is responsible for counseling senior management on news media issues and developing relations with a wide range of stakeholders.

Prior to joining HKEAA in 2006, she held a variety of communications posts at multinational corporations and cultural organizations. A former veteran TV journalist, she has in-depth knowledge of the broadcast and print media.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communications and Master’s of Communications from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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Ms Margaret Hui
General Manager - School Examinations and Assessment

General Manager - School Examinations and Assessment: Ms Margaret Hui

Ms Margaret Hui is the General Manager – School Examinations and Assessment. She is responsible for the overall strategic planning and administration of the HKDSE and LPAT. Ms Hui leads the division in coordinating and delivering various examination arrangements as well as providing examination information and services to schools, candidates and the public through the Public Examinations Information Centre.

Ms Hui has has substantial administrative experience. She had worked in different capacities as in the former General Administrative Section and Finance Division before being appointed as General Manager – School Examinations and Assessment in 2004.

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