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Exam Personnel

Exam Personnel
Each year, hundreds of teaching experts from the tertiary and school education sectors assist with organizing and conducting public examinations. They occupy different roles in examination design, question paper development, the establishment of standards, invigilation as well as supporting the proper conduct of School-based Assessment at schools.

Each of these roles allows them to develop professionally and make a significant contribution to public assessment. Throughout the process, we will ensure they have ample resources, support and advice to carry out their duties. We will provide full administrative support, detailed instructions, and training.

Types of examination-related work

A. Public Examination

Moderation Committees
Moderation committees, each comprising a Chief Examiner, a setter or co-setters, moderators and a subject manager, is responsible for the development of question papers and marking schemes.

Their main responsibility is to mark candidates' examination scripts according to the agreed marking scheme and procedures.

Centre supervisors, invigilators and waiting room supervisors
These positions are taken up by teaching staff from schools participating in public examinations. Invigilators will be recruited should there be insufficient staff for the positions.

B. School-based Assessment (SBA)

District Coordinators
Their main responsibilities are to provide guidance and support to schools in the implementation of SBA, inspect assessment records provided by schools, and report schools' progress in conducting the SBA to the HKEAA.

Assessors (for relevant subjects only)
Their main responsibility is to review samples of students' SBA work in the moderation process.

Who is eligible?

Markers, members of the moderation committee and SBA personnel are subject experts or experienced teachers in secondary schools or tertiary institutions.


To become a marker, you will need to be:
  • currently teaching a relevant subject or
  • recently retired from teaching.

Moderation committee member and SBA personnel

To become a moderation committee member or SBA personnel, you will need to be:
  • currently teaching a relevant subject or recently retired from teaching;
  • experienced and innovative in teaching/setting examination questions/conducting the SBA;
  • kept up-to-date in your subject area and are able to contribute to the process of examination paper development or conduct of the SBA;
  • experienced and having significant professional responsibilities (e.g. as a panel chairperson).

Recruitment process

Members of the moderation committee and SBA personnel are nominated by school principals or selected from amongst experienced markers. To apply for a marker position, please visit the career section.